Inner Terrestrials @ Fête de la jeunesse de Lillers 2011

Inner Terrestrials

21 years on the road and stronger than ever, London’s legendary Inner Terrestrials are a stomping mix of dub, punk, ska, folk and general anarchic danceability. They get audiences all over the world going crazy, from Bristol to Berlin, from Warsaw to Tokyo and beyond.

Serial travellers, they’ve played more than 20 countries and countless festivals over the years and are as passionate as a band can be. Original pioneers of the uk dub punk sound, heads up folks they’re coming to a festival/ venue/ bar/ squat/ barn/ field/ site near you soon!

“from full on raging songs to laid back dub and everything in between….. very few bands these days sing the words and actually live by them. the terrestrials are that band”

rough trade records

“Inner Terrestrials skanked things up with their dub heavy beat.. it made a pleasant change to see so many people getting down to things with such a happy intensity.. this certainly had me hungering for those days of urban free festivals on acid. What has happened to the spirit of England? For a brief 45 minutes IT set it all free again”


“inner terrestrials are a legendary london squatter band….respect”